We're looking for great new Build Team members!
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As staff on A'therys, you’ll be optimizing our users' experience.

You'll be part of our staff team trying to make A'therys a better place in order to give players the best possible experience.

On the A'therys Build Team you will demonstrate skill, development and ideas to create a server worth playing. Is this something that you're interested in?

By submitting this app, you agree to our no-leak rule which is quite self-explanatory: Staff leaking information without specific permission to do so will result in them being removed from all A'therys services.
What is your real name? *

Hi {{answer_sZQtVAUY8yeC}}. What's your Minecraft username? *

What is your Skype/Discord username? *

Please ensure it's the account you use often as this is how you'll be contacted if you are successful in your application!
{{answer_sZQtVAUY8yeC}}, how would you rate your experience and knowledge of being a builder? *

Tell us a bit about your experience. What projects have you worked on? Have you worked on any very popular minecraft servers?

Aim to write 250 words. We want to see what you have learnt from your experience and how you see yourself progressing in the team!
What lead you to apply today?

Why are you applying {{answer_sZQtVAUY8yeC}}? This is your opportunity to show your motivation and drive to join the team. We want people who stand out!
What qualities do you bring that could benefit A’therys?

Highlight key areas/skills and give reasons. A bullet point list is acceptable.
You made it! You are now on your last question of the application. Use this section to really sell yourself to us and tell us why you should be given a chance above everyone else who applies.

Perhaps you don't have any experience but have personal qualities that you think can help you achieve anything! Pour your heart and soul into this.
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